3.17.22 UFOs and Humans Behaving Badly

by Dark Lord
UFOs and Humans Behaving Badly

In 1947 a devious plot was hatched by the United States military, to ridicule UFO witnesses. The military denied UFO events happened, they lied to the public about it, and then they mercilessly threatened and ridiculed witnesses to induce silence. Carrying that forward for 70+ years and there continues to be a history in America of UFO witnesses being treated poorly by not just the United States government/military but by other citizens that chose poor behavior over being a decent human being. The McMinnville incident in Oregon is a prime example where the witnesses wished they had never come forward. In 1966, Frank Mannor, from the Dexter Township in Michigan reported a lasting UFO event happening on his property and you can learn more about why he regret ever coming forward in an article written by Doug Marrin for TheSunTimeNews.com, HERE.

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