3.18.21 Syn-SCOBY Living Material

by Dark Lord
Syn-SCOBY Living Material

The bulk of UFO reporting at least in the United States has come forward over the last 70+ years. In that time there have been numerous abduction claims and sightings of alien beings. One commonality in most of these cases is the presence of alien beings wearing what appears to be a suit of sorts. They range in colors and are usually very snug fitting. This alien ‘clothing’ if you will, completely makes sense as our world is full of germs and viruses and diseases that could likely kill a being from another planet if they did not have a defense. Now, Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT along with Imperial College London have developed a “Living Material” capable of interacting with its environment. This fascinating article was written by author Tim McMillan for The Debrief and you can find it HERE.

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