3.20.22 The Psychological Effects of a UFO Encounter

by Dark Lord
The Psychological Effects of a UFO Encounter

While UFO sightings seem to be more common in today’s world, actual encounters, whether psychologically or physically, are still relatively rare. Many people, who have studied Ufology, think of experiencers that have had close encounters as suffering from burn marks caused by excessive radiation, images of cattle mutilations with an eye or ear missing and so forth, but equally as important are the psychological effects which may have no initial physical representation on the experiencer. Kevin Day was on the Nimitz during the now famous 2004 Tic Tac incident and at that time he was simply in the Navy doing his job when he witnessed it Tic Tac through binoculars. What nobody could see from the outside, was that Kevin was changing on the inside and you can learn more about this fascinating shift below.

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