3.3.22 20 Years of Canadian UFO Sightings

by Dark Lord
20 Years of Canadian UFO Sightings

Each country has its own way of dealing with UFO events and reports. Some countries such as the United States, deny, lie, obfuscate and ridicule at each opportunity in order to confuse the public. Their behavior has been outlandish, and continues to be although strides are being made through Congress. Canada, on the other hand, collects reports to some degree however the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Air Force do not usually investigate sightings unless they represent a potential threat. Since 1989 the Canadian UFO Survey has documented more than 22,000 UFO sightings with a large portion of them not making it into the public arena.  The following article, written by Daniel Otis for Vice.com is a little scattered but talks about Canadian UFO events and shares 290 pages of documents which you can find HERE.

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