3.31.22 UFO Witness and the Hitchhiker Phenomenon

by Dark Lord
UFO Witness and the Hitchhiker Phenomenon

For those of you who may be new to Ufology, there is a phenomenon which occasionally occurs to witnesses of UFO events. This is known as the “Hitchhiker” effect which typically occurs after one or more people have witnessed a UFO sighting. The witness begins having paranormal experiences, some mundane, such as misplaced items or locked doors, while others can be more terrifying such as orbs penetrating the walls of their home or seeing an unusually large wolf standing on its hind legs peering at you through your windows. Former United States Marine Terrell Copeland is a first-hand experiencer of a “Hitchhiker” and you can learn more about how it changed his life in an article written by Vicky Verma for HowsAndWhys.com, HERE.

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