3.4.22 23 Far Out Facts About UFOs

by Dark Lord
23 Far Out Facts About UFOs

In a world that is divided between facts and conspiracy theory nonsense, it is important to separate fact from fiction as best we can. Oftentimes those that believe heavily in conspiracy theories call them facts when they are actually anything but. Those same people then spread their fallacies to others and a share of them, in turn, continue the spread of what are simply lies. In the world of Ufology, charlatans or those professing knowledge they actually do not have, present a disturbingly large portion of the dialogue and in many cases those involved are simply seeking attention for one reason or another and spreading outlandish stories is the vehicle by which they achieve the attention they so desperately pursue. Today we are sharing a video titled “23 Far Our Facts About UFOs” and it appears the host of this video has done her research and you can find it below.

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