3.8.22 USAF Continues Withholding UFO Information

by Dark Lord
USAF Continues Withholding UFO Information

It looks like we’re back to the same old song and dance, the United States Air Force being required to participate in the information sharing of UFO events and refusing to participate. Sadly those in charge continue to let them get away with it. If we do not change the leadership that is causing the problem we will continue to experience the same issues. The USAF history of despicable behavior with anything regarding UFOs should require the removal of those in charge, but they continue their abhorrent behavior of lie, deny and ridicule, while we as tax paying citizens continue to pay their salaries. If these were corporate jobs they would have been dismissed years ago however their behavior seems to be largely ignored by those that have the power to actually remove them from their positions. One of our favorite new authors Nick Madrid writing for Medium.com expands on this conversation and you can find it HERE.

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