3.9.22 Is there a Crossover Between Paranormal and UFOs?

by Dark Lord
Is there a Crossover Between Paranormal and UFOs

For decades the mainstream thought on UFOs was that they constituted their own singularity. They were an unexplained phenomenon typically occurring in the sky which left people scratching their head in wonder, however some experienced a great deal more than the simple sighting, such as Travis Walton, Linda Napolitano, Calvin Parker and so on. During those same decades people experienced unusual phenomena, occasionally referred to as spirit, or ghosts however those two events were kept in separate compartments although if you had openly talked about either you might have been considered a kook. Now, we know that the United States government spent millions of dollars investigating both with the belief that they may actually be mingled in some way. Author Travis Tritton writing for Military.com, discusses a little bit of this convergence and you can find it HERE.

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