4.1.22 Val Johnson & UFO Evidence

by Dark Lord
Val Johnson & UFO Evidence

One of the most common complaints we see by skeptics with regards to UFOs is that there is never any evidence. Oftentimes that is completely untrue however that’s their standard argument and they stick to it. In August 1979 Deputy Val Johnson was on routine patrol when he witnessed a bright light at some distance down the road in front of him. Within a matter of seconds the object not only sped toward him but crashed into and travelled through his patrol car, and the trail of evidence began. Ofc. Johnson became a witness that was actually injured and lay unconscious for some time. The patrol car suffered a variety of damaging effects from the impact which became almost impossible to explain. Ford Motor Company even sent a windshield expert to inspect the vehicle.  The windshield expert was baffled at the fact that the broken windshield was not smashed as one would expect in a typical accident, but rather bent to a breaking point. Then of course there’s the dented hood, the broken headlight, the tweaked antennas, and if that were not enough this story includes missing time which was discovered through Deputy Johnson’s watch and the automobiles clock. You can learn more about this fascinating event, HERE.

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