4.13.21 Skinwalker Ranch Dimensional Portal

by Dark Lord
Skinwalker Ranch Dimensional Portal

The Skinwalker Ranch is quite possibly the most paranormal place on the planet. The events that happen at the ranch go far beyond UFO sightings and cross into what feels like the ‘Twilight Zone’ for those involved. Fortunately Brandon Fugal, owner of the Skinwalker Ranch, has dedicated his considerable resources by hiring a team of scientists and investigators dedicated to discovering the truth behind the phenomena that occur at Skinwalker Ranch. In a rather startling development, Mr. Fugal tweeted that they have observed phenomena which supports the theory of wormholes or portals leading to other worlds or dimensions at the ranch. When you consider the implications of that statement, you should be as blown away as we were. Mr. Fugal is not the type to toss unsubstantiated claims into the public arena without evidence. You can read his tweet below and his response to UAP.News and furthermore we suggest watching season one of Secrets of the Skinwalker Ranch season one before season two is released on May 5.

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