4.15.21 Transmedium UFOs: What Are They?

by Dark Lord
Transmedium UFOs: What Are They

There is a term that is becoming mainstream within the UFO community. The new term is “Transmedium” and although it sounds vague is actually very descriptive. “Transmedium” describes UFOs with the ability to move into, through and out of substances such as water or air without any displacement or impact. Very good example of this is the UFO that was captured at the Aguadilla  Airport in Puerto Rico and was seen moving through the air and water effortlessly without any splashes, water displacement or slowing of the craft. Obviously humans do not have this ability currently, so it’s a fascinating topic. Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell was interviewed by Sunrise.com.au and discussed Transmedium movement and you can learn more from the video below.

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