4.15.22 Former Elizondo Boss Fired!

by Dark Lord
Former Elizondo Boss Fired!

Most of you that follow Ufology are familiar with the name Lue Elizondo. Lou was the former manager of the AATIP program and left his position in protest that his boss, Garry Reid, was blocking Mr. Elizondo’s push for UFO disclosure. As it turns out, Garry Reid, has been terminated for a variety of incompetent acts and his malfeasance with regards to UFO disclosure is now becoming public. This is monumental news as Mr. Garry Reid was the Pentagon’s Director of Defense Intelligence and a senior executive in the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security and was using the authority of  that position to block UFO information from reaching the public. You can find the full story in this excellent article written by Tim McMillan writing for TheDebrief.com, HERE.

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