4.18.21 Corina Saebels Football Field Size UFO

by Dark Lord
Corina Saebels Football Field Size UFO

It has become quite clear that UFOs come in all shapes and sizes, and we do mean ALL shapes and ALL sizes. Objects have been reported as small as a few inches and as large as more than a mile, such as with the Phoenix Lights event. Corina Saebels witnessed a football field size UFO displaying three green lights in a triangular formation in British Columbia, Canada, in 1991 and 2003. At one point the poor woman believed the giant craft was actually chasing her. On her first encounter, while enjoying a cup of tea in her yard she was suddenly engulfed in a strange silence, no crickets, no frogs, just silence. To her amazement a boomerang-shaped UFO appeared silently in the skies above and you can learn about the rest of the encounter HERE.

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