4.22.22 Vice Reports on UFO Documents

by Dark Lord
Vice Reports on UFO Documents

Vice.com has built a solid reputation for progressive news media. They have been covering UFO related news for a couple of years now and while we appreciate the coverage they do not always get it right. The following corrections are from Jeremy Corbell and you can check out the original article Here.

FACT #1 – AAWSAP was NOT just a contract name. It WAS the UFO program.

FACT #2 – AATIP had no existence until July 2009 when the acronym was used in a letter from Sen Reid to Dep Sec Def Lynn. AATIP was completely irrelevant to any investigative activity or funding carried out between Sep 2008-Dec 2010 when the $22M program was shut down.

FACT #3 – The AAWSAP program WAS doing a lot of research “in-house”. You just haven’t seen that data yet – but it exists. The 38 DIRDs represent the unclassified 1% of the documentation they produced. They had over 50 employees and generated over 200 mega reports.

FACT #4 – @G_Knapp first released the full list of DIRDs (Defense Intelligence Reference Documents). They were NOT first released in 2019 due to FOIA (as was falsely reported). Think about this. What else has George Knapp released that you haven’t paid attention to yet?

FACT #5 – THIS should get you fired up… the @NSAGov (National Security Agency) had jurisdiction – so the NSA took control over EVERYTHING when the AAWSAP contract ended. Let that sink in. The secret government UFO program absorbed by the NSA?

To clarify #5 – The @NSAGov was instrumental for security audits & contract termination protocols (like destruction of classified materials). They were not the direct recipients of the AAWSAP generated reports produced for DIA. Those indeed went to DIA as per the AAWSAP contract.

A great big thank you to Jeremy Corbell for correcting the information and providing clarity.

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