4.24.21 Lue Elizondo and Flying Pyramids

by Dark Lord
Lue Elizondo and Flying Pyramids

Most of you are familiar with the name Lue Elizondo as the former head of the AATIP or Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program. Since his departure from that program in 2017, Mr. Elizondo has been leading the charge for public disclosure of UFOs. He, along with Christopher Mellon, played a vital role in the “Gimble”, “FLIR” and “Go Fast” videos being released in 2017 and confirmed by the Pentagon in 2020. As a former intelligence officer, Mr. Elizondo has a great deal of information regarding UFO activities however, due to disclosure documents he signed he must be quite careful about divulging information. Legendary reporter George Knapp interviews Elizondo about the pyramid shape UFO videos recently confirmed by the Pentagon and you can find their exceptional work HERE.

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