4.25.21 Space X UFO Near Miss

by Dark Lord
Space X UFO Near Miss

We have reported in the past that the low Earth orbit region of our atmosphere is beginning to look like a junkyard. Tons of space junk are floating about up there and we have shared websites that literally track every piece of space debris, 24 hours a day seven days a week. As you may already know on April 23 four astronauts were aboard a Space X flight to the ISS or International Space Station, when something unidentified came so close to their craft that they were ordered to put down their face shields and prepare for a potential impact. What makes this interesting is that NASA tracked and classified the object as being unknown yet as far as we understand all space debris is already being tracked, meaning this is not your typical space debris but potentially much more. It may take weeks or months for us to learn what may have caused this incident but you can learn more about it HERE.

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