4.26.22 UFO Classified Briefings are Mind Blowing

by Dark Lord
UFO Classified Briefings are Mind Blowing

Those of us who follow this study of Ufology have been tantalized by the drip drip drip of information since 2017. Occasionally something explosive makes its way in front of the public, but more often than not the truly astounding is kept out of the public arena. It is becoming apparent that this is changing, thanks in large part to people like Lue Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, Jeremy Corbell, George Knapp and Brandon Fugal, however the list of people working hard on this issue is lengthy. Recently in an interview conducted by Ryan Robbins, Lue Elizondo acknowledged a 23 minute high definition UFO video which may be making its rounds through Congress in classified briefings. Author Nick Madrid, who has been absolutely spot on in his reporting, discusses what our political representatives may be seeing in those classified UFO briefings and you can learn more HERE.

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