4.28.22 DoDs Death Grip on UFO Information Smashed

by Dark Lord
DoDs Death Grip on UFO Information Smashed

While many of you may be tired of hearing about this story we want to share it one more time due to the absolutely stunning impacts it may have on the future UFO disclosure. As you may know Lou Elizondo retired from AATIP due to the fact that a supervisor, with a death grip on all UFO information, refused Elizondo’s requests and recommendations. This same supervisor (Garry Reid), retaliated by engaging in various nefarious activities against Mr. Elizondo, who was forced to contact the Inspector General’s office. This is an absolutely fascinating story, partly due to its sleazy nature, but more importantly, its relation to UFO disclosure going forward. You can learn more in this excellent article written by Adam Goldsack writing for UAPMedia.uk, HERE.

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