4.30.21 Lue Elizondo Bad Mouthed

by Dark Lord
Lue Elizondo Bad Mouthed

The AATIP or Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program was supposedly disbanded by the U.S. Government in 2017, and with that, key members left the $22 million black budget program for other employment. Lue Elizondo ‘s was one of the key players involved and eventually joined the TTSA or To The Stars Academy, before the wheels came off of that program at the end of last year. In the interim, Mr. Elizondo has been accused of a multitude of things even though none of his accusers can prove anything. We never doubted the credibility of Mr. Elizondo, nor his history of working with AATIP. Finally one of the men involved, former Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, has come forward to clarify that Mr. Elizondo, was in fact, a key member of the program and you can learn more about his participation HERE.

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