4.30.21 NASA Losing Credibility

by Dark Lord
NASA Losing Credibility

Let’s be clear from the very start, a UFO is an unidentified flying object. That means if it’s flying around in Earth’s atmosphere and remains unidentified and it is labeled a UFO. That certainly doesn’t mean that everything unidentified is an alien craft, time travelers or wormholes. It simply means something is identified. When it comes to NASA, however, they can’t get their story straight from one day to the next about the recent incident with four astronauts headed to the space station. Initially they ordered the astronauts to climb into their pressurized suits, helmets and all, and prepare for possible impact with an unidentified object. Later they changed their story and said the unidentified object never came within 49 kilometers of the astronauts, then changed their story yet again, saying there was actually never an unidentified object, and that there is nothing to see here so move along. Video surfaced shortly after this incident showing an unidentified object passing within feet of striking the astronauts craft and we waited with hope that NASA would come forward with the truth, but apparently that is not something they are capable of.  You can check out the video of this close call below.

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