4.8.22 Warp Drive using a Gravity Bubble

by Dark Lord
Warp Drive using a Gravity Bubble

For humans to travel to interstellar locations it will require something faster than the speed of light. Many ideas have been floated including utilizing Wormholes, EM drives, Gravity Bubbles and so on. They all sound promising initially but the reality is we simply don’t know until we produce them. Typically a “Warp Drive” is considered as something that can travel at multiples of the speed of light. It is not really a type of propulsion but rather a marker of speed. In the following article written by JD Shavit, for TheBrighterSide.news the author discusses achieving warp speed, and while he doesn’t call the method proposed a gravity bubble most of us in the field of Ufology would see it as such. You can learn more about this type of propulsion HERE.

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