4.9.21 The DARPA Manta Ray

by Dark Lord
The DARPA Manta Ray

Recently there has been more content publicly available on USO’s than in past years. USO’s, for those who are unaware, are Unidentified Submersible Objects and what could be considered the water version of a UFO. That being said, there is plenty of evidence of unidentified craft displaying the ability to move into, through, and out of Earth’s water and airspace with ease. DARPA or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is where a lot of really cool things originated, including the Internet, and are now looking to develop UUVs or Unmanned Underwater Vehicles. Basically submersible drones capable of long range missions. When these man made vehicles hit the high seas they will be mistaken from time to time as USO’s. So be on the lookout and check out the rest of the story from author Tim McMillan writing for The Debrief HERE.

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