5.1.22 Newsweek Covers Skinwalker Ranch

by Dark Lord
Newsweek Covers Skinwalker Ranch

The Skinwalker Ranch in northeastern Utah, has a storied history of UFOs and paranormal activity. So much so, in fact, that it was studied and investigated by NIDS and AAWSAP when it was under the ownership of Aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow. Fortunately when the ranch changed hands and Brandon Fugal took over stewardship, the scientific investigations did not end but rather began anew. Mr. Fugal and his team of scientists have also been part of the video docuseries entitled “Secret of Skinwalker Ranch,” which is about to air its third season on May 3rd on the History Channel. Apparently Newsweek was interested enough to do a story on the Skinwalker Ranch and you can find it HERE.

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