5.12.21 Joe Biden Must Make a Decision on UFOs

by Dark Lord
Joe Biden Must Make a Decision on UFOs

As you may know, some presidents have been allowed information and details of UFO events while others such as Jimmy Carter were denied access. Those that control this information decide who has a need to know and who does not. At some point however, with disclosure on the horizon the president of the United States must step forward into the light of honest open information, or backward into the shadows of denial and deceit. The time has come and a decision must be made. The UAPTF or Unidentified Aerial Task Force Report is due on 25 June and the president will inevitably be asked about it. This will be a true test of transparency and bravery which may shine a light on UFO disclosure in the United States. Author Bryce Zabel writing for Medium.com opens this subject and you can find it HERE.

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