5.18.21 Dr. Steven Greer Update

by Dark Lord
Dr. Steven Greer Update

The UFO community, at least within the United States, is somewhat divided when it comes to Dr. Steven Greer. He was responsible for the book and documentary “Unacknowledged” and has been at the forefront of pushing disclosure for more than 20 years. Dr. Greer is also the creator of the CE5 protocol also known as “Close Encounters of the 5th kind”. This protocol has divided results within the UFO community however the UAP.News staff has tried it and found it surprisingly effective. The good Dr. has also been called to the carpet over financial issues related to his using the UFO community to earn an income. We do not see a problem with using your passion to earn a living however there may be limits as to what the community is willing to find acceptable. Recently he released what he considered to be an urgent message and you can find it below.

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