5.18.22 UFO Public Hearing a Disgrace

by Dark Lord
UFO Public Hearing a Disgrace

The phrase that something was a “Disgrace” has been profoundly overused in the last five years. However the public congressional hearings on UFOs conducted yesterday was absolutely that, a “Disgrace.” Complete with softball questions and answers designed to stonewall information. At one point the representative for the Department of Defense, Mr. Moultrie was asked if he knew about previous government organizations involved in investigating UFOs and apparently the only two programs he was familiar with were Project Blue Book and AATIP. So the person in charge had never heard of Project Sign, Project Grudge or AAWSAP? If that is truly the case he is not worthy of managing anything UFO related for any government agency, especially for the Department of Defense. A great mind once said “For to truly understand where we are going we need to first understand where we have been.”  Mr. Moultrie appears to have little to no historical understanding of UFO events and apparently could care less. See the video below. 

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