5.19.22 Is Congressman Darin LaHood Intimidating UFO Witnesses

by Dark Lord
Is Congressman Darin LaHood Intimidating UFO Witnesses

During the UFO congressional hearings held on Tuesday not much of any real importance was said. Those being questioned were clearly misdirecting the conversation, and those doing the questioning were largely ignorant on the subject of UFOs. Only a couple of congressmen displayed any real knowledge while most asked no significant questions. Congressman Darren LaHood on the other hand wanted to know if  ‘unsubstantiated (UFO) claims’, such as witness reports that could not be verified, could currently encounter legal consequences for what they had reported with the same holding true for intentional misinformation. While we despise the misinformation that is prevalent in almost all of our social media platforms, we find it absolutely ridiculous that people with ‘unsubstantiated claims’ could potentially face legal repercussions for simply reporting UFO sightings.  We encourage you to watch the video below and decide for yourself.

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