5.20.21 Do Astronomers Ignore UFOs

by Dark Lord
Do Astronomers Ignore UFOs

The primary job for astronomers is to study the universe. Within that umbrella of activity they research various objects and perform theoretical modeling. So it has been amazing to us that some people in that profession either refuse to accept or purposefully ignore UFO activity in the skies above earth. One such astronomer we have been eager to call out is skeptic Seth Shostak who is on the senior staff of the SETI or Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, who most recently commented that alien life has not visited our planet because they have not fixed the United States national debt. Not much science there. That comment was not only absurd but shameful coming from a person supposedly dedicated to looking for extraterrestrial life. His past comments have not only been ignorant but apparently intended to keep his name relevant with misleading statements and general jackass behavior. That being said, Forbes.com is asking the same question and you can learn what they have to say HERE.

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