5.22.21 Did a UFO Attack a Cuban M-21 Jet

by Dark Lord
Did a UFO Attack a Cuban M-21 Jet

Over the last 70 years there have been multiple encounters between military jets and UFOs. Usually the jet fumbles about in the sky racing from point-to-point while being outmaneuvered to the point of being amusing. It is similar to the game whack a mole. The target pops up and as soon as you think you know where it’s at it’s somewhere else. That being said, when jets have close encounters with UFOs it sometimes does not end well for the pilot. 25-year-old Capt. Thomas Mantell is just such an example when he died on January 7, 1948 after attempting to chase down a UFO. it sounds as though a similar event may have happened with the Mig 21 jet over Cuba approaching 14 UFOs and you can learn the rest of the story HERE.

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