5.23.22 Did Congressional UFO Hearing Witness Intentionally Mislead?

by Dark Lord
Did Congressional UFO Hearing Witness Intentionally Mislead

When dealing with the Department of Defense (DoD) it can be rather tricky sorting fact from fiction. The DoD has a notorious reputation for misdirection, obfuscation and outright lying when it comes to the subject of UFOs. They lie to the American public, they lie to our political representatives and they lie to each other. Basically they have a filthy reputation which has been well earned and many within the department have proven to be despicable on more than one level. Let us be clear, we believe the department has many good employees whose reputations are being sullied by those in charge. 

In the recent UFO congressional hearings, witness Bray attempts to deflect the possibility that the 100+ unidentified objects that swarmed Navy warships were simply drones. He is attempting to lead us to believe that the airspace around naval warships can be swarmed by drones from another country and we could not stop it, nor do we have the ability to figure out where they came from or what nation masterminded the event. Then, as if witness Bray is not already neck deep in misdirection, he attempts to claim that the video taken was actually a result of an SLR camera looking through night vision goggles. Clearly ignoring all of the combined sensory data of the warship and other navy vessels which were involved in exercises when the event occurred. That is our first video below.

The second video is an interview of Jeremy Corbell, the documentary filmmaker, who broke the story. Mr. Corbell discusses this same event where the difference between what witness Bray claims and Jeremy Corbell reports are vastly different, and if I were forced to decide who is telling the truth it would be quite difficult to choose the side of the Department of Defense. Watch both videos and decide for yourself.

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