5.24.21 Do Scientists Fear Researching UFOs

by Dark Lord
Do Scientists Fear Researching UFOs

For many decades you put your career in jeopardy if you were a scientist and mentioned UFOs. Your colleagues may snicker and whisper while giving you sideways looks while your chances of moving up the corporate ladder dwindled. This is referred to in the business world as an CLM or career limiting move. Meaning, that your own behavior was the cause of waning credibility and the reason for not moving forward in your career. Fortunately scientists, such as those currently working at Skinwalker Ranch and the NIDS team before them placed science above nonsense. And we do believe that ridiculing or mocking someone who has had a UFO experience and is willing to discuss it, is nonsense. That being said, author Jason Brenneman has written a little piece on “Why Scientists Run from UAP Research” and you can find it HERE.

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