5.24.21 MSNBC Still Wobbly on UFOs

by Dark Lord
MSNBC Still Wobbly on UFOs

It seems to us that when national news organizations such as MSNBC speak of UFOs they often seem to say something which sounds intelligent followed by something which sounds nonsensical. Case in point, author Hayes Brown writing as an MSNBC opinion columnist states the following:  “I do believe that alien life exists somewhere out there. But as I said in an essay last year, I think we’re not exactly the first stop on the galactic traveler’s itinerary — nor should we be. Humanity has a long way to go before we’re ready for visitors from beyond.” While we appreciate the point of view of Mr. Hayes, we also find it laughable that we could or should have any control over who or what may visit this planet and if we may or may not be ready. On top of that, how do we know what may be of value to visitors? We do however appreciate the fact that MSNBC is running anything UFO related and in all fairness you should check out Mr. Hayes article and decide for yourself. You can find his piece HERE.

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