5.24.22 Should Immunity be Granted for UFO Testimony?

by Dark Lord
Should Immunity be Granted for UFO Testimony

Within the UFO community there is a moral dilemma. Should those responsible for the misdirection, deceit and obfuscation  regarding UFO information, receive prosecutorial immunity so that the truth may come forward? This is a tough question. Unfortunately, that may be the only way UFO disclosure finds its way into the public domain. Although those involved have likely violated United States law in a multitude of ways, actually having the truth come out is probably the best thing for all. The one thing about immunity, is that if those involved do not tell the whole and accurate truth they lose their immunity and can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That would likely mean prison time for those still willing to deceive should they be exposed. It sounds as if one person who may be in the know, Dr. Garry Nolan, is aware of language being drafted to grant immunity for those working in legacy UFO programs. You can learn more in the video below in which Ryan Robbins discusses this information.

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