5.26.21 Retired Navy Physicist Predicts UFOs Non-Human

by Dark Lord
Retired Navy Physicist Predicts UFOs Non-Human

For some reason we seem to need to rehash certain subjects continually. Whether or not UFOs are extraterrestrial craft is one of those subjects. Currently many skeptics are claiming that the recent, highly visible, UFO naval encounters were actually Chinese drones or possibly Russian. What they neglect to mention is that these types of sightings have been happening for at least 70 years, before there were drones. Are everything that we are unable to explain in the sky UFOs, Definitely not. Could they be time travelers from our future? Maybe so. Now a retired Navy physicist, Dr. Bruce Maccabee has predicted that the UAPTF or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force will confirm, in their report due June 25th, that many of the objects witnessed are developed by a nonhuman intelligence. That’s right folks extraterrestrials. The following article is written by Dr. Maccabee, is being shared by The Black Vault, and can be found HERE.

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