5.3.21 Did Tom DeLonge Change the UFO World?

by Dark Lord
Did Tom DeLonge Change the UFO World

Tom DeLonge gained fame as a member of the band blink 182. He parlayed that fame into even greater notoriety  when he became the public face of UFO investigations. He began the organization TTSA, or To The Stars Academy, on October 11 of 2017 in front of a news conference in Seattle.  The organization gained instant notoriety as members such as Christopher Mellon and Luis Elizondo joined the team. Unfortunately their attention was divided between UFOs and related events and the entertainment industry, eventually leading to a change in their mission. Mr. DeLong deserves a great deal of credit for showing the courage and determination to make the subject mainstream however, in the end, the UFO portion of TTSA was dropped. Authors George Knapp and Duncan Phenix worked together on an article covering Mr. DeLonge for MysteryWire.com and you can find it with video HERE.

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