5.30.21 Russia Plans Nuclear-Powered Spacecraft

by Dark Lord
Russia Plans Nuclear-Powered Spacecraft

If you have studied the subject of UFOs for any length of time you have likely come across reports of UFOs above nuclear facilities. We should point out it is not just nuclear facilities, but almost anything nuclear related such as military craft, weaponry, test sites, etc. It seems apparent to us that our history of handling nuclear materials has been less than stellar. We have blown stuff up with careless disregard for not only our own planet, but the plant and animal life living upon it. Now, as if Russia wasn’t a big enough pain in the ass, they want to launch a nuclear powered spacecraft from the moon headed towards Jupiter. We are unsure of how UFOs may regard this activity but in our opinion it is simply a bad idea. Author Aria Bendix looks into this apparent plan writing for BusinessInsider.com and you can learn more about it HERE.

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