5.5.21 Chinese Space Junk to Enter Atmosphere

by Dark Lord
Chinese Space Junk to Enter Atmosphere

It seems as though every country that launches something into low Earth orbit leaves junk behind. The United States is certainly guilty of this in a major way as we have sent more objects there than any other nation. Sometimes these pieces of debris are small, such as a nut or bolt or even a tool. Other times they are much larger, such as a spent booster rocket. The nation of China launched a Long March 5b rocket which is expected to re enter Earth’s atmosphere in the next few days. There are two major problems with this atmosphere reentry, one is that the falling object weighs approximately 21 tons or 42,000 pounds, the other is that nobody knows where the impact will be. Most space junk burns up in our atmosphere however it is highly unlikely that a 21 ton rocket would burn up completely. Authors Stacy Liberatore and Jonathan Chadwick teamed up to bring you this information and you can find it HERE.

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