6.10.21 UFOs Probably Not Chinese Spy Planes

by Dark Lord
UFOs Probably Not Chinese Spy Planes

When we come across articles discussing whether UFOs were Russian or Chinese drones we absolutely want to lose our minds. We are of the belief that neither Russia nor China have technology capable of exceeding 30,000 mph in our atmosphere, pulling 400 G’s on a right angle turn or hovering for extended periods of time without rotors or exhaust. Not to mention, that these types of events were occurring long before drones were ever developed. It appears that a portion of the drone proponents are beginning to shift their beliefs as they better understand the capabilities of UFOs, which far exceed the physics we currently understand as humans. We recently covered an article about the newly formed Chinese version of the UAPTF which poses the question, “if their drones are the culprit and have advanced UFO capabilities why would they form a UFO task force?”. Author Marik Von Rennenkampff writing for The Hill goes into the subject even further and you can find what they have to say HERE.

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