6.11.21 UFOs Chinese or Russian is Hypersonic Hogwash

by Dark Lord
UFOs Chinese or Russian is Hypersonic Hogwash

The closer we get to the UAPTF report due at the end of this month, the more we hear that they may be either Chinese or Russian drones or newly developed hypersonic craft. This sounds like typical government disinformation funneled down to the American people to sway the public into certain beliefs that fit nicely into their narrative. Even if China and Russia have developed hypersonic craft, it does not explain 40 G right angle turns or the ability to travel vertically at hypersonic speeds instantaneously with no visible signs of thrust or exhaust. Furthermore, this narrative seems to ignore the fact that these craft have been roaming our skies long before any country had hypersonic capabilities. Author Tim Marchman writing for Vice discusses hypersonic capabilities and you can find it HERE.

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