6.20.21 Senator Tells UAPTF to Hurry

by Dark Lord
Senator Tells UAPTF to Hurry

Most of you are likely familiar with the UAPTF or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force and the report which is due June 25th. Speculation abounds as to the content, and honesty of the upcoming report and there is a possibility it may not be delivered in a timely manner. One of the problems is that the United States has an alphabet soup of three letter entities such as the CIA, ONI, FBI, and so on with their fingers in this pie and none of them want to reveal what they know. Therefore gathering information, even when ordered by the Senate, becomes difficult at best. Marco Rubio, one of the senators focused on this issue, has made a public statement to those writing the report that they need to ‘hurry up’ with their work and get this report delivered on time, and you can find his comments below.

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