6.21.21 Did Wyoming Man Travel with Aliens

by Dark Lord
Did Wyoming Man Travel with Aliens

A while back we wrote a piece on teleportation versus tele-transportation. Teleportation, for example, is when a person may be taken from their vehicle or home and transported into an alien craft, only to be returned to the starting location. Tele-transportation is when a person or persons is teleported into a craft, transported to a different location and teleported back to earth, sometimes where they began and sometimes not. Most of the abduction reports we come across involve teleportation. Occasionally though, we have a report of tele-teleportation, where the victim travels with aliens for a period of time before being returned. On October 25th in 1974, 41-year-old Carl Higdon experienced tele-transportation while hunting in Wyoming and you can learn more about this event HERE.

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