6.22.21 Could UFOs Be Waiting for Extinction?

by Dark Lord
Could UFOs Be Waiting for Extinction

There is no secret to the fact that we, as humans, have behaved badly towards our planet. Problems such as climate change are man-made and yet we seem to ignore them judging by our actions. In some ways, we are similar to a virus in that we are living off our host (Earth) and eventually, unless things change dramatically on a global scale, the host will eventually die and humans will be the cause. The Earth can live without humans but humans cannot live without the Earth. Many people who follow UFOs and related events believe that extraterrestrial beings are here watching us and may or may not be concerned about us. What if, however, they are here to protect the planet rather than the inhabitants. What if their goal is to keep the host alive and are not concerned about the extinction of humans? Author John DeVore talks about this very subject writing for Medium.com and you can find it HERE.

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