6.25.21 What to Expect from the UAPTF Report

by Dark Lord
What to Expect from the UAPTF Report

It may seem like UFO disclosure is arriving, however, it just seems that way. We have not seen the UAPTF report which is due today however we have a pretty good idea of what will be in. It will likely contain some simplified data for public consumption, with some “We don’t know what it is” thrown in with “It could be Chinese or Russian” and eventually followed by “We don’t know where it is from” and then possibly some more speculation about it being Chinese or Russian in origin. We prefer the simple answer of “We don’t know what it is or where it is from,” but since the government has never been able to get their story straight on UFOs, the odds of getting a straight answer now are less than 50-50. They will likely throw around claims of “National Security’ as the reason they cannot disclose further, when they should finally be leveling with the citizens and simply telling them the truth. Just the truth. Not a bunch of sideways talk sprinkled with speculation and innuendo, but simply tell us the truth. We deserve the truth and the nation has waited a long time to receive the truth, but what we will actually get is anyone’s guess.

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