6.29.22 UFOs Off San Diego Coast Likely Debunked

by Dark Lord
UFOs Off San Diego Coast

This week the staff at UAP.News was on retreat in sunny San Diego when a group of unknown lights appeared just off the coast. The event was witnessed by thousands of onlookers watched the lights from Rosarito Beach, Mexico, all the way up to the northern part of San Diego and reported by local news media. These unknown lights are no longer unknown and have now been identified as flares released by the Coast Guard. This whole story got a little wonky when the Navy and Marines claimed to have no idea where the lights originated. This Coast Guard provided show occurred not far from where the 2004 Nimitz Tic Tac event took place and where a group of Navy vessels were swarmed by UFOs in 2019 which only increased the speculation. Many who watched the event are still skeptical of the objects actually being flares, however the show is scheduled to be repeated tonight so we can only wait and see if this flares event matches what was seen on Monday night. You can find the local news story  HERE.

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