6.3.21 Judging UFOs By Human Abilities

by Dark Lord
Judging UFOs By Human Abilities

Oftentimes we see ridiculous reports, sometimes from debunkers, with silly statements such as; “If UFOs are real why haven’t they landed on the White House lawn?”, “Time travel is impossible” and “Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.” These examples are of what humans believe  impossible or at the very least improbable. However, for those of us that believe in extraterrestrial visitations it is quite clear that whatever craft they use certainly have the ability to go well beyond the speed of light. In cases of missing time, it is well documented that they have the ability to manipulate time also. For those who believe that UFOs will only be real when they land on the White House lawn, we don’t really even know how to address that ignorance. Extraterrestrial species with the ability of interstellar travel and time manipulation are not likely to care about the White House nor who occupies it. Humans  may be no more than a science experiment, and our fears and concerns may mean no more to these extraterrestrials than the concerns of an ant means to humans. Although it is difficult, we should not be attempting to fold the abilities of extraterrestrials and their craft into the physics we currently understand, but rather wait and see how events unfold with an open mind and clear science. The fly in the ointment here is governmental and military refusal to disclose all information related to UFOs. Until we as human beings and citizens receive honest information, our understanding of UFOs and related events will be limited and likely less than accurate.

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