6.4.21 Modified Drone or UFO

by Dark Lord
Modified Drone or UFO

For those of us that are interested in UFOs and related events it is not surprising when we hear about an unidentified craft flying about airports, military installations or nuclear facilities. When these events occur we may not always hear about them, however, one common thread is that they are never able to catch the invasive party. We already know that UFOs fly about restricted airspace at will and inevitably when information is released it is always assumed to be a drone. In some cases that may be true, however in many others the flight characteristics and amount of time aloft make drones a highly unlikely culprit. Especially when over airports or military installations where lives may be at risk. In this instance, author Brett Tingley writing for The War Zone discusses an incursion over Tucson Arizona and if you read between the lines it sounds more like a UFO than a drone however you can check it out for yourself HERE.

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