6.7.21 UAPTF Report Stumbling and Bumbling

by Dark Lord
UAPTF Report Stumbling and Bumbling

As you may already know, information from the forthcoming UAPTF is trickling out. Among the information we are receiving is that the entities writing the report will state that they do not know what the craft are, how they operate or where they are from, but will state they are not of United States origin but are man-made. Let that sink in, they don’t know what it is, how it operates or where exactly it comes from, however they are sure that it must be man-made. To us it sounds like the same old denial dance. Are they spewing doubletalk or they are intentionally misleading us? Either way we deserve honesty. If you don’t know what they are, how they operate or where exactly they are from, then simply say it. That being said, we believe you should check out this article written by Lucas Rogala for TechNewsInsight.com and decide for yourself. You can find his point of view HERE.

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