7.1.21 Could UFOs be American

by Dark Lord
Could UFOs be American

Occasionally very smart people say things that make you scratch your head. It doesn’t mean they’re no longer smart, but just like everybody else, not everything the falls from their lips is brilliant. Case in point, British scientist Roger Shawyer has stated publicly that he believes UFOs are made in America. Other people have speculated the same however we would like to point out a few things. Firstly, if America made vehicles capable of traveling 30,000 mph why would we waste billions of dollars on jet fighters that are capable of Mach 2. Secondly, it is currently unknown in human physics how a body can withstand the pressures of a 400 G angled turn, so that’s probably not something America has figured out yet. And third, If we could accelerate 5 miles vertically in one second we wouldn’t be using rockets to get to the space station. Again, if we had those abilities our military and space program would look much different than they currently do. Then there is the fact that UFOs have been around before we had rockets or even jet airplanes. There are many more reasons however we wanted to share with you the point of view of Mr. Shawyer and you can find it HERE.

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