7.12.21 Permanent UFO Program Needed

by Dark Lord
Permanent UFO Program Needed

UFO programs have come and gone over the years. Projects, Sign, Grudge and Blue Book were each supposed to find solutions to what was being witnessed during UFO sightings. When the powers in charge didn’t have answers they simply made stuff up such as “Swamp Gas” which was famously spewed by none other than Alan Hynek who was the lead scientist for Project Blue Book. By the way, that claim of ‘Swamp Gas” literally made Dr. Hynek a universal laughing stock of the scientific community and drew scorn from the UFO believing public. It was a disgrace. That being said, the recently formed UAPTF is supposedly dedicated to transparent truth which is highly unlikely, but gives us hope. Now former Nevada Senator Harry Reid, once one of the most powerful men in Washington D.C. has stated that there needs to be a permanent UFO research group and you can find the rest HERE.

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