7.13.21 Christopher Mellon Discusses Bob Lazar

by Dark Lord
Christopher Mellon Discusses Bob Lazar

If you have followed our website for any length of time you are likely with Christophen Mellon, the former Assistant Secretary of Intelligence and one of the people responsible for the UFO videos being released in 2017. Bob Lazar and legendary reporter George Knapp garnered fame together in 1989 when Lazar came forward to speak about his work in a special location of Area 51 known as S-4, and his involvement in reverse engineering a UFO known as the “Sport Model.” While many people are sketpical of Bob Lazars story, we however are not. We believe him completely but also believe that you should decide for yourself. Below we have a Joe Rogan interview with Chris Mellon and the topic turns to Bob Lazar and you can see what he has to say about the whole thing.

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